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Not going to dragon con this year is such a fucking bummer. Mostly for the friends and the hang outs, and just the whole atmosphere of the thing. there's really no one i NEED to see though, so that makes it hurt a little less.

I keep looking at updates for last minute guests though and it's making me nervous xD i don't know what the DCon crew is gonna be doing that weekend instead. crying into our pillows maybe?
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lesbians and bisexuals

I think this is really important, so I'm putting it here for my reference and for others, too. The original video is 'What lesbians think about bisexuals' and this is the bisexual women's response to that vid.

It upsets me, because while most of the people around me are very tolerant and I've dated lesbians before, they were either people I knew through the LGBTA at school, or something similar to that, and I've found that the general tolerance for bisexuals in the lesbian community is low and that makes me really sad. Intolerance in any community, but especially my own makes me sad. We should be standing with each other, not perpetuating biphobia, transphobia etc.

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Every time I see news about the Terminator reboot I get mad about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles being cancelled all over again. I can't even imagine how the people feel who actually watched the show when it aired and not four years later like I did. I binged watched it this summer and I fell in love so hardcore that it still pains me every time I think about it.

And really, would it be so hard to just let us know how it was actually supposed to end?
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I forgot how hard it is to compile livejournal icons that I like. May that be the least of my problems today lol.

Also, is there any way to change back to old style livejournal? especially the comment pages and such. i don't like the default site setting for anything. argh.
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Oh my god, livejournal. Where have I been? Two years. It doesn't even seem that long. I wanna start writing again though, because I've been in a headspace where I really need it. I need a journal and this is the best one I have.

Who is still even around? Say hi!
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So of course the one week I'm itching to be on lj again, the whole thing is down for 8900923 days. argh, figures haha.

And now, after trying to get it to work for ages, i don't have it in me to post aaaaall about my vegas trip with icalynn. it was a blast, though. i love that place so much. I didn't think i would, but something about it just draws me in. I hate gambling and i'm not much of a drinker anymore, but just walking around and seeing the sights is so awesome. The Bellagio is def my favorite. And we stopped to eat at Serendipity, where the food was amazing. i'll have to try the food at the NYC one to see if it's just as good. we usually only just get the frozen hot chocolates there.

it was nice to be in vegas when everyone else was at SDCC. made it a little easier to bear. plus, it's prob the last real trip i can take for a while, since i'll be moving and working. dragon con will be the last big bang, but thats connish and not touristish heh.