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So i was just sitting around, bored as hell, and andrea asked me if i wanted to go hang out with her and josh. So i went. I havnt done that in a long time, and it was good. We talked and laughed and i remembered how good and fun all that was. then around 1:30 i went back to my room to see if vito had called, and he did. SO i called him back and he told me about some stuff that went on with him today and how he was too tired to come over. I was dissapointed, but totally understood. i wanted to see him but i knew that after the day he had, he just really needed to sleep. i just hate when bad stuff happens to him. and he tells me its happened before, and i am thinking, it shouldnt have happened at all. you dont deserve that. and i felt so bad for him tonight. i cried on the phone just listening to him. I dont think its fair that all the good people get so much shit. he deserves so much better then the crap he gets from certain people.

anyway, then i went back down to hang with andrea and josh, and we just talked for like an hour more cause i was just way too tired and somewhat depressed. So now i wanna go to sleep, but once again i cant, and at this point i just wanna do anything to make me go to sleep. i am so sick of this. And i cant stand people i love getting hurt...
"We perceive when love begins and when it declines by our embarrassment when alone together."

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