Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 09-26-2009

  • 01:23:17: aagh i feel like im in the twilight zone! i need to go to bed soon! waat!
  • 02:35:17: here i go putting of the sleep again. i dont know why i do this to myself *sigh*
  • 03:55:55: ok bed time in 5 mins. forrealsies.
  • 04:15:52: i clearly have no restraint or willpower lol
  • 05:13:01: omg I HAVE TO GO TO BED NAO! SRSLY! *fails at sleep*
  • 09:03:22: morning kiddies. off to a fun filled day of wedding and bday stuff! hehe
  • 10:23:58: my mom tried to pull out of her parking spot and drove into the sidewalk. wtg mom lol
  • 10:26:03: tomorrow is my bday! yay! :D
  • 11:09:12: - on my way hehe
  • 12:44:02: so much wedding stuff! its coming together nicely :D
  • 13:30:08: - @flying_monkees hehe ;D
  • 13:49:21: i just had a lunchable and i enjoyed it very much hehe
  • 14:32:58: omg i'm so tired.
  • 17:07:59: just got home. tired and fucking starving lol
  • 19:00:42: omg i am so tired that i have no idea how i'm gonna survive tonight. i srsly almost fell asleep just writing this tweet.

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