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Vito took me to the doctor today. glad i never did that before now...actually i thought it would hurt more then it did. but it really did hurt.

Anyway, then we rushed back for the math test. i think i didnt really good. Then he went to lunch with Liz, a friend of his, and then he is gonna go home. I just came back here and i think i am just gonna pack, and watch Angel, Felcity and ER that i taped this week. Then maybe i'll write or paint or something. Vito is probably gonna spend some time alone to pack and take care of stuff.

Andrea wants to talk to me about the stuff in her life again. I feel like she is putting herself into a deeper and deeper hole and shes doing it all to herself. But what am i supposed to say to her? nothin...
We all went to the original pancake house last night after vito and i went to eat at Amy;s place. it was pretty fun and nice to hang out with everyone again. The food was pretty good too. Afterwards Vito came back to my room and we slept for a while, then we fooled around, and then we went back to sleep. hehe. i am soo tired though...

I wonder how the rest of this day will turn out.

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