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*these precious illusions in my head*

last night was really interesting. id really rather not get into it. I just want to remind myself that this always happens when i do stuff i dont really want to do. it ends badly the next day and then i blame everyone else when i should be blaming myself. i woke up at 4. i feel really sick and gross. i took a shower and now i am getting ready to go have dinner with andrea, josh, jim, jon and vito and then afterwards we are gonna goto a comedy club. i dont really wanna go, but tonight is a special hang out with the group night, so i have to go. today is just one of those, i wanna lock myself in my room and sleep forever kind of nights. The urge to cut was unbelievable. I still cant believe i didnt do it. i was imagining it and visioning it and almost feeling it...but it didnt do it.

ugh..this is getting harder and harder...

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