Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 10-23-2009

  • 00:34:37: almost done packing!
  • 01:30:49: oh god. i have a feeling im gonna regret clicking on this manip.
  • 01:32:09: OH GOD!! MY EYES!
  • 02:35:27: omg my parents actually just went to bed at 230. wonder of all wonders lol
  • 04:37:18: goodnight world! not sure if i'll be around early in the morning or not. either way, i'll be gone all weekend. if you want me, DM me :D
  • 09:21:19: gmorning everyone! damn, im tired.
  • 09:21:49: today is last minute things before the wedding day and mani/pedi with mom and the sisters :D
  • 09:30:10: okay, gotta go get ready! don't wanna be running late!
  • 11:00:45: Off for the wedding weekend!! if you wanna say hi, DM me! :D i'll be texting to here im sure hehe
  • 11:44:19: bringing a photo of vito with me to the wedding <3
  • 13:13:24: i forgot the hotel has wifi so hopefully my parents will remember to bring my laptop and then i can be online for like half an hour lol
  • 14:09:17: omg pedicure. weirdest thing ever. ahhhhh. ahhh! lol
  • 15:11:56: - my manicure! hehe
  • 15:41:36: - pedicure lol ahhh!
  • 15:51:43: i was gonna do my toes green or orange but i decided to be opposite and go girly. i feel so weird. im not used to classy haha
  • 17:35:59: omg fantastic food. now off to get my eyebrows waxed. now THAT i'm down with! hehe
  • 18:32:54: - hahaha walgreens
  • 19:52:50: omg my eyebrows look amaaaazing!!!
  • 20:52:02: omg way too many dogs at my sisters house!
  • 21:21:39: doing last minute wedding things with the girls :D i'm starting to get all teary eyed!
  • 21:37:28: - wine and rhinestones ;)
  • 23:21:17: watching In her Shoes and drinking banana mudslides with my sister :D
  • 23:50:56: i miss you. <3

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