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Just came back from my appointment with dr.bakhai. Vito came in with me and helped me explain stuff to him cause i am too much of a wuss to do it on my own. He finally increased my meds to 20mg. Hopefully that should work. So far i dont really notice that much of a difference cause i have been taking 20mg without him knowing for a couple weeks now. So why do i want to cut so bad?

Anyway, I was totally bummed after that and kinda just wanted to sleep, but Vito wanted to make me feel better so i let him =) So now i feel better and now he is tired so he is sleeping. Last night i just went to bed early cause i didnt want to deal with anything. I'm glad i did though cause i was so tired today.

I have to call my mom and tell her about comming home on Monday. I know she wont be happy about it, but i want to go home with Vito. I feel better for the both of us if i do that. i just dont want him to take that long trip all by himself. i know how much that would suck and i dont want to do that to him. And i'm sure my mom will understand.

Xfiles was awsome yesterday like i knew it would be. I also knew the guy was Spender. I just looked at him and i was like..its spender, even before they found out about the DNA and all that. ANd you could totally tell that David was there just by the way Gillian was acting. It was like she was Scully again. =) anyway, enough of me being a dork.

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