Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 11-05-2009

  • 13:28:02: i have a spot on the back of my head that hurts so fucking bad wtf, self!
  • 13:41:17: i don't feel like eating today, or being awake really. now my head hurts too. baw baw baw.
  • 15:23:27: off to do things with dad today. w00t.
  • 16:00:26: I don't wanna go outtttt!!! bawwww
  • 16:06:01: holy shit, new promo photos. dude...dude. RT @SpoilerTV: Heroes - Episode 4.10 - Brother's Keeper - Promotional Photos
  • 16:06:40: I SEE WHAT U DID THAR OMG.
  • 16:09:01: dude! the one pic! where he's with him and like omg!! ahhh!!!! #heroes
  • 16:14:39: this is... i cant even... *flails*
  • 16:18:27: wow, ok. i have to go do things today. STOP SUCKING ME IN WITH YOUR HOT PICTURES AND THINGS! lol
  • 16:21:18: one more thing before i leave... mr. pasdar, you are looking mighty FI-INE!!! ok, now i'm leaving forrealsies
  • 17:12:15: haha we both decided we didnt want to walk that far, so....home! lol
  • 17:48:32: can anyone lead me to some Mysterious Ways or Adrian Pasdar as Declan Dunn screencaps? i had them saved on my laptop that died lol
  • 18:46:06: omg they're talking about home birthing parties on the news again. make it go away!
  • 19:11:57: YOU GUYS, I DONT EVEN KNOW!
  • 19:22:49: trying not to get my hopes up. but it's hard not to. i dont even know what to think or feel! i dont even know! #heroes
  • 19:25:11: ok *breathes* now what was i doing before this? lol
  • 20:12:39: my bb adrian <3
  • 20:18:34: oh. my. god. adrian. omg!! <3333
  • 20:40:09: omg first christmas commercial!
  • 20:43:47: the things that come out of my dads mouth sometimes.... i can't even...
  • 21:04:03: time for Community! yay! :D
  • 22:58:03: huh, i actually didnt hate 30 rock today. wonder of wonders.

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