Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 11-14-2009

  • 00:12:40: thanks for the #FF everyone!! <3
  • 00:48:26: lj you suck balls. why dont you do your routine maintenance at 6am when no one cares?! gah.
  • 01:51:42: omg he's still wearing my fav of the fug hats! hehe RT @asexiness: New blog post: Spotted: Zachary & Noah Quinto
  • 07:07:27: 12 second gem. hehe. RT @JamesProps: Drive By...
  • 07:13:18: omg i'm STARVING.
  • 08:01:05: gnight kiddies!
  • 13:18:43: oh man. im exhausted.
  • 15:03:16: woohooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! RT @NathalieCaron: Torchwood Season 4 is a GO! New Blog Post - #torchwood
  • 15:03:38: starting to plan my thanksgiving dinner party! w00t! :D
  • 15:28:24: I really want to go to a mall today. Not the jacked up Manhattan mall. Like, a real mall lol.
  • 16:51:41: randomly so happy for s4 of torchwood. woo. i thought of this cause i heard that stupid single ladies song again n its stuck in my head lol!
  • 16:52:02: wtg john barowman.
  • 17:06:32: ok now i'm gonna take a shower forrealsies. lol
  • 19:01:43: goind to see the Boondock Saints two! WOOO!! :D
  • 20:21:21: omg i thought it was gonna be cold out. its just nice and rainy :D
  • 20:23:59: but aaagh my hair! lol
  • 20:46:07: i LOVE the city when it's all rainy like this.
  • 21:14:51: ahhhh boondock saints 2! been waiting sooo long for this! :D
  • 23:36:24: omggggod! the boodock saints 2 was soooooo good!

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