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I got bored yesterday so i decided to change my layout colors. thats right its pink. fuck yeah lol...weirdness

Sooooo Vito slept for a couple hours, then we went to roadhouse grill to eat cause i wanted to so bad. I love the rolls there. and the peanuts all over the floor =) After that we came back and Vito got to grading millions of papers. I fell asleep for a while, then i went to help him grade till like 7am. So by that time i was starving so we went to breakfast at the dining hall, then we went back to sleep. I am soooo tired though lol. tossing and turning doesnt really count as sleep i guess.

Anyways, now he went to class, kinda cranky..or maybe its just me, but i feel like i am in a good mood today. i want to get to some serious packing so we can leave asap. We are gonna go get my meds today and maybe my lenses, and some boxes to pack in. Then i am sure he is gonna go home =p unless he wants to watch monty python...

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