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*hold on to yourself, this is gonna hurt like hell*

I talked to Vito about the andrea josh situation, which i think i should have not done. It was kinda weird of me to do that. and hes like, well you have someone. ANd he is so right, so why am i being so weird about this? anyway, i went to hang out with josh and andrea so i wouldnt do anything depressing and stupid. We got a bunch of junk food and stuff, then Andrea and I watched the latest Buffy episodes (unbelievable by the weirdness. So i just said goodnight to her after talking for a million hours. it was so good to do that though. Just like old times. I missed Vito though. i called him but i guess he's sleeping or busy. I'm glad I got to spend the night alone though. I guess i need it too.

I'm printing out my entire live journal. I know how rediculous it is, but i have to. hehe. I look back at my old entries and they are so rediculous. Especially the first ones. i feel like such a little kid.

I just want everything to be ok...

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