Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 12-10-2009

  • 05:55:03: omg its a complete white out outside. im looking out my window and i can see some faint street lights and that's IT
  • 06:12:59: i hope everything in buffalo is canceled this morning. i cant imagine how anyone could drive in this
  • 06:14:34: hay everyone! life is canceled today! stay at home and watch the gilmore girls! lol
  • 06:33:25: HAHAHA OMG. now there's lightening and thunder. WTF DUDE. WTF
  • 06:45:25: okay, back to GG. lol
  • 06:50:32: guh. milo loler at the website name. uh huh, sure.
  • 06:54:42: ok stop distracting me! i have to get back to jess!
  • 07:15:29: Just entered to win a #Heroes Season 3 DVD Set. Just follow @TheODI and retweet. Details Here --> #TheODI
  • 10:23:58: gonna try and get some sleep. peace out.
  • 13:07:01: great now i'm awake too. so gret since i went to bed 2 hrs ago.
  • 14:57:33: omg i just looked outside my window and saw nothing. its completely white. like im not even exaggerating. cant even see the cars in the lot
  • 15:04:55: well i was gonna go out to get ice cream later, but.... nope. lol
  • 15:07:28: haha i just noticed what zach's shirt says in this pic LOL
  • 15:19:49: it would amuse the shit out of V that the college he worked at has a twitter and just started following me. he hated twitter so much lol
  • 16:39:45: damn, i was gonna order pizza today too. oh well.
  • 18:24:36: RT @nbcstore: - RT this b4 8pm est to enter to win a #theoffice gift package
  • 20:59:26: yay, time for Community and The Office! :D
  • 21:01:39: WWBJD hahahahaha #community
  • 21:04:31: "the real reason men fight is to release their pent up gayness." #community
  • 21:10:25: oh shit. i kinda wanna watch Sing Off.
  • 21:16:22: haha Jeff... best analogy for not being religious, ever #community
  • 21:20:20: omg this episode. i love this show #community
  • 21:31:16: Please RT: Check it out! Tons of items to bid on for a charitable cause!
  • 22:26:05: AHHHH the office!!!! this show is ridiculous and awesome and god, i love it! christmas eps FTW. #theoffice
  • 22:51:23: I feel like if Adrian really joined twitter, @greggrunberg would be the first to tell us lol

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