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*~without you everything falls apart~*

So last night i finally woke up after sleeping all day. I really cant believe how much i slept. then i watched friends with Andrea which was pretty fun. After she left i was starting to feel really depressed again, so i called vito and asked if i could stay over his place. so he came and picked me up and we went to eat, then we went to his house. His mom took us to the new house she is moving into and it is sooooo gorgeous. I wish we were getting a house like that. It had beautiful rooms and it just looked so cozy and wonderful. So then we went back and Vito was tired so we just went to bed. Calvin (Vito's cat) woke us up at like 5am, so i played with him a little and then We ate some cereal and went back to bed. I really really love that cat. I hope that it gets comfy with me. Hes already starting to play with me and stuff and rub up against me. I have always wanted a cat =)

So this morning i woke up and we went to class.That was my last class of the semester. Kinda exciting. So now i am redying the red streaks in my hair while Vito is sleeping. We are gonna wait till Andrea goes home and then i am gonna go back to Vitos house and help him pack and move and stuff.

i dont feel as crappy as i did yesterday. I'm really glad I have Vito cause he just made everything feel better. Just lying next to him last night made me feel like i wasnt alone and it just cheered me up =)

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