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*underneath your clothes theres an endless story*

ok so we decided to leave really really late at night instead of which works out ok cause its like a comramise between today and tomorrow. Vito is sleeping right now though and who knows when he will get up. So i am just gonna pack and be ready and do whatever he wants. He is driving afterall and i dont want him to be tired or anything, so basically i just want to do what works for him.

i feel really bad about yesterday. I feel bad that i was making him feel like that. i wish i could give him back all those days he wanted to be alone. =(

so off to packing again. i cant wait till all this packing and moving is over. it really is a pain in the ass. and its like, i need stuff and i dont have it half cause i packed it and Vito took it back home with him, or just cause i have no idea where i put it.

god, you dont know how horrible i feel...

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