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long trip

So i packed up my room and left school Tuesday night. Then I had to do the hardest thing i ever had to do in my life. Saying goodbye to Josh and Andrea. We hugged and cried for so long. I felt like i was losing a part of myself. A huge part of myself. I cried for so long after that. What i had with them was everything i ever wanted. ANd i love them to death. But Josh lives in Long island which is close, and Andrea is coming to NYC to visit in June. so that should be cool. Then we went to Vitos cause we decided that we needed to slow down with the moving process and he needed more time to get his stuff together. So we stayed there and packed and moved for a couple days, and we finally left Thursday night. We slept at my uncles in rochester and then the next day we started again and got into the city.

So we unpacked half our stuff and tehn came to my parents house and ate and went to bed, then today we unpacked the rest of our stuff. I kind of felt bummed out today cause everything was so hectic and i just felt like Vito was already planning for when i wouldnt be there, and i felt like i was just taging along for the ride and not really living there. it was a pretty shitty feeling.

the apartemnt is small but nice and i think once i get over the bummed feeling, it will all be good. I mean, hes been so good about this whole thing, and pretty nice. its just been a hard week and we just need to rest. SO now i came back to my parents house to shower and chill out and kind of be apart from him for a little while so i wouldnt get annoyed. Tonight we are probably gonna go out and check out the city for him a little. hes always looking for the cute girls anyway, no matter what we are tryiung to do. It gets annoying sometimes cause its like ALL the time, but i understand so i guess i have to deal with it. no prob.

so we are in the city, starting a new life. this is what i have always wanted...right?

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