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These past few days have been hell. Its been sooo stressful and up and down and all over the place. I really hope it doesnt stay like this cause i cant sit there and cry and be sad every day. I know he loves me and he cares and hopefully this will just pass. i dont really know what else to write. I am so drained and tired and just wanting this all to end. This week i am gonna start looking for a job. Hopefully i can find one close to the apartment. Vito isnt gonna start for a while. I think we just need to unpack and settle in first. I love hima nd i just want this to work out so bad.

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    Oh my god, livejournal. Where have I been? Two years. It doesn't even seem that long. I wanna start writing again though, because I've been in a…

  • i hate the superbowl.

    someone kill me now. vito is making me watch the superbowl.

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    tomorrow is my last day of college classes...ever. holy shit.

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