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wish i was tired

i'm sitting here trying to pass the time while Vito is sleping and i'm suddenly wondering what i used to do for hours online. i really cant find a thing to do. maybe ive grown out of looking at movie stars and chatting in chat rooms and all that. its kinda sad really. or maybe it used to be and now i am growing up. i dont just got me thinking about things. ive totally reversed my day. we sleep all day and we are up all night, except most of the rest of the world isnt. and Vito gets depressed when he gets no sun. but i think best at night. and i hate the day. its just hard for me to find things to do. I know i would have gotten way more ahead with the whole job thing if i would be up more during the day...cause thats whats keeping m from doing it like 90% of the time. the other 10% is my total unmotivation to get a job even though i know i have to pay half the rent. Vito said i didnt have to cause he loves being with me and te rent doesnt matter to him as long as he haves me...or something like that. but i cant just not pay. so thats kind of stressing me out. i wish i could just do what i love...

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