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fuck today

nothing much to say. just checking in to say hi and so i can update. i was supposed to call a lady for getting a job today but i didnt. actually i was supposed to call her like 2 weeks ago. whatever. my sister and jensen came over for a little bit today. that was fun. i miss them a lot.

i miss my friends too. a lot. i'm actually really glad that andrea is coming next week. i was dreading it for a while but now i cant wait. i've been so sad lately and i just wanted to talk to her about it all. its so hard not having her and josh around. Vito says i can talk to him about anything but the truth is he is not always there when i need him. like the other night i was just so upset and sad and i wanted to cut and i didnt know what to do. i really needed him and i was just crying. but he wanted to go to sleep and didnt really want to be around me. and so i cut...and cried, and it hurt so bad i really just wanted to die. its never been this i dont know. i'm trying to work around it and give him what he wants. i just get so hurt in the end.

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