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*one day i'll fly away*

woke up a few hours ago after finally falling back asleep with Vito. he was soooo sweet with me today.It made me feel so much better. i really like when he is in a good mood. he was up early today doing laundry and taking care of stuff. then we went back to bed before my sister got here. now shes here and we are gonna rent a movie and get high and get pizza. hehe. that should be fun. =)

i had a dream that my dad got really mad at me for lying about calling for a job interview. i actually htought that was going to happen in real life but he actually left me alone about it. hes been ok lately. surprisingly. and i feel bad but as soon as he starts arguing or yelling i try to leave the house. fathers day wasnt that bad either. i was completely dreading it. but it turned out ok.

Andrea is coming in half a week. i am really looking forward to that. i just know that her and josh are gonna get together though and that really hurts...but i guess i have to deal with it. i mean i have vito. he may not always be perfect but he is the best thing thats happened to me and i would never want to change that.

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