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*do you know what it feels like for a girl...*

i updated the other day but of course the computer froze right when i was done so it got erased. whatever. it was probably me complaining about something or other again. ugh.

my sleeping has been nuts. i am either so tired i cant function at the most inapropriate times, or so awake that i cant sleep all night. its like insomnia and hyper somnia at the same time. ive been more weird and depressed lately so maybe its because of that. Ecerything just seems to be going slow...and i feel like i am stuck in a place that i dont want to be in. and some nights it rather just be dead...

Andrea is coming saturday. i am soooo excited to see her and hang out with them. Her birthday is saturday and i really want to se eehr but josh is picking her up from the airport and i think they are just gonna go home and then we (vito and i) are going to Josh's house on sunday night. I want to see Andrea when she gets here though. it will be painful waiting till sunday when i know she will be here saturday. i hope they come to the city and hang out when she gets here. that would be awsome. and i will have my bed here by then so maybe they can sleep over.

i went shopping yesterday with Vito, cristina and Sam. we went to H&M and i got thes awsome earings, a black bag, and a black lace top. Then we went to Sephora and i got some expensive makeup which i feel bad about but it was so worth it lol. and i got Andreas b-day present at old navy.

today has been yucky as hell. both of us are just laying around all depressed. theres got to be something we can do...

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