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*lifes like this you fall and you crawl and you take what you get...*

i am so tired that i am sitting here trying to figure out if i want to watch friends, or just sit here infront of the computer and listen to the same song over and

hey erica, thanks for suggesting me listen to Avril Lavigne. she is so totally awsome! and gorgeouse too! i love her music. ive heard this song once before and i always wanted to know who sang it =)

so i checked out some music that i havnt been tunning into up to i am trying to figure out what else to do while Vito is sleeping. my head hurts like hell but i dont want to sleep...i cant. plus i am starting to get hungry again and i can only imagine what i have to eat tonight. Vito and I decided to eat healthy so we are on this diet thing. its frustrating but in the end its worth it. i already lost 15 pounds. that was pretty exciting.

i changed my lj layout to blue. i was getting sick of the pink. i cant believe i left it pink for so long. anyway...

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