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Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 07-21-2010

  • 00:17:07: well, at least my nails look awesome. lol
  • 00:29:35: YOU GUYS. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 00:34:14: oh my god, fuck you , allergies! why are you attacking me now?
  • 00:49:44: i need water. cold water. i really need ice cream, but i dont have any. i should eat something real. gaaaaaah.
  • 01:03:33: i cant stop squeeing and flailing, you guys. sleep is so not happening lol
  • 01:47:06: food! packing! why is my bathing suit wet? i have to be up in 4 hours! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!
  • 04:10:07: fuck. i was gonna go to bed an hour ago.
  • 06:49:43: awake. an hour of sleep was painful. omg san diego today!! aahhh!!
  • 07:25:50: okay kiddies! logging off! SEE YOU IN SAN DIEGO!! :D DM me if you need me.
  • 07:39:21: very funny, life! we get it, I like the rain! you can stop this end of the world #lost type weather now! I have a fucking flight!
  • 08:27:45: dunno if u can tell here but its pouring rain!
  • 08:37:31: yay airport wifi. rain is letting up a bit. we board in an hour.
  • 08:49:12: check out my cute nails. haha im bored at the airport
  • 08:55:04: rain stopped! yay! (@ Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF) w/ 2 others)
  • 09:08:14: yay our plane is here
  • 09:11:11: we're boarding! see you in Chicago!
  • 11:15:40: landed in chicago!! waves hi to @jhummrich from the airport! :D
  • 11:24:00: huh, my phone adjusted to the time change. didnt think it would lol
  • 11:33:13: holy shit these bathrooms at O'Hare have some nifty toilet seat covers lol
  • 11:36:18: the airport bathroom has free wifi. I'm just gonna hang out here lmao.
  • 11:41:40: W00t (@ Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) ✈ w/ 46 others)
  • 11:47:28: 2 hr layover. I think I need foooood.
  • 12:04:32: wow my itouch battery is going quick.
  • 12:14:06: ugh its making me pay for wifi now so... either brb or see you in SD lol
  • 12:14:50: also, its too hot over here lol
  • 12:21:31: ok back! heh
  • 12:41:34: omg the wifi here is being such an asshole lol
  • 12:44:31: this flight is ridiculously crowded. they're trying to get people to change flights and giving them $300 travel vouchers lmao
  • 12:50:43: boarding! next stop San Diego!!!
  • 13:10:18: just met @jhummrich on my flight! totally awesome! ahh this is gonna be the best week ever! #sdcc
  • 13:11:47: i think im gonna start the flight watching star trek, then some heroes, maybe pathology or profit. good times!
  • 17:22:29: omg landed!! i'm in san diego! i saw palm trees for the first time IRL! lol
  • 17:39:49: omg im so glad to be here!
  • 17:44:22: squee!!! (@ San Diego International Airport (SAN) w/ @jhummrich)
  • 17:45:43: this feels so surreal! heh
  • 17:51:01: california 63 is like 75 elsewhere lol im hot. haha
  • 18:14:07: haha i cant get over the palm trees lmao
  • 18:27:12: got the special comic con key cards! @jhummrich you can have mine when we leave!
  • 18:33:57: peter peptrelliis enjoying the view
  • 19:22:32: headed to the convention center to meet up with @calumfan1 and co. and get our badges! she got me a vampire diaries bag yaay.
  • 20:38:07: fuck yeah! (@ San Diego Comic-Con International (#SDCC) w/ @jhummrich)
  • 20:42:56: standing in line with mah bitches! preview night!
  • 20:48:37: I just unlocked the "Super Swarm" badge on @foursquare!

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