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From Twitter 07-26-2010

  • 12:09:25: haha i love that i have friends who know to send me pics of milo's ass. @icalynn #datass
  • 12:24:07: we have to go back, kate! we have to go back!
  • 12:28:50: hahahaha i have 69 emails right now.
  • 12:41:22: RT @SignatureTheatr: Twitter/FB exclusive! A few pics we didn't post on the site - ...
  • 12:41:43: WHY ARE YOU SO ADORABLE, ZACH?!!?
  • 12:49:32: omg i'm so completely tired. i wish we were boarding already cause i'm falling asleep over here.
  • 13:05:11: omg everything hurts right now.
  • 13:11:21: spicey buffalo boneless chicken wings for breakfast? I think so.
  • 13:18:51: damn, I was gonna get someone to help me jailbreak my itouch. i forgot.
  • 13:43:58: boarding! see u in about 4 hrs in north carolina!
  • 13:50:55: RT @eserei27: The best part about twitter is meeting so many ppl that I can now call my friends. The worst part is that they all live so ...
  • 13:55:36: this plane is freezing and there are fucking babies on it.
  • 18:40:33: just landed in north carolina! babies crying the entire flight. jfc.
  • 18:54:35: i keep getting more and more sad, the furrther from san diego i get.
  • 18:57:32: I just unlocked the "JetSetter" badge on @foursquare!
  • 18:57:32: flight boards in half an hour. man this is a long flight. (@ Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) ✈ w/ 19 others)
  • 19:02:34: sorry I missed all ur msgs last night. i passed the fuck out after leaving my bb @suckit_nerds and @calumfan1
  • 19:05:48: yay I got a new foursquare badge! hehe. how is everyone doing?
  • 19:09:20: omg I'm so tired I'm just standing here staring at the food selections. I can't even figure this out right now.
  • 19:11:32: STARBUCKS!!!! there is hope! holy shit it's mad cheap here!
  • 19:19:06: haha omg look how pink my caramel raspberry macchiato is. its even more pink irl.
  • 19:20:53: oh great, more bad kids on this flight.
  • 19:26:40: omg it's 95 degrees in NC. DNW. and this kid next to me is trying to get my attention. I hate them! why do they always cling to meee???
  • 19:29:55: shit I think we're boarding already. next stop buffalo!
  • 19:43:51: im suppoed to be sitting in 18F but his lady and her kid took the seats so i'm in 18D. in case the plane goes down and they misidentify me..
  • 19:44:17: ... you're the only ones that know the truth. lol
  • 19:50:23: so the lady with the kid is right next to me of course. and she went to UB so she wont stop talking to me. if she talks during the entire--
  • 19:51:31: flight, i will punch her in the face. now there is a kid running up and down the isle, crying. i feel like im in a bad kids movie.
  • 19:56:05: ok kiddies, we're taking off. catch you later!
  • 21:47:12: just landed in buffalo! man,that was a long ass trip.
  • 22:19:32: omg buffalo. do not want to be here! i miss my #sdcc peeps so much! <3
  • 22:26:57: omg it's so hot over here in buffalo. wtf.
  • 22:32:10: I'm home! don't know how I feel about this yet...
  • 22:39:07: oh great, my big bag just knocked over my mirror and broke it. I've had so much good luck that I guess the universe wants to balance it out!
  • 22:43:48: I can't even begin to put any thoughts together about #sdcc yet. we'll see if I can even put any of it into words at all.
  • 22:44:21: peter petrelli is not too thrilled to be home either. he misses his peter pile.
  • 22:48:48: WHOOOOSH. lol RT @suckit_nerds: Idk why I can't be flying tony stark into @darkelegance's face right now.
  • 22:52:36: i'm trying to compile all the pics we took of each other at #sdcc but.... yeah. idek. everything is so scattered, as is my brain right now.
  • 23:18:10: i hope @Kent_Stark didn't suffocate @suckit_nerds with a comic book plastic cover... lol
  • 23:31:42: LOL zach looks SO bored in the pics from the tim kring panel. don't blame him.
  • 23:34:45: RT @dealsplus: Win #Apple #iPhone4 in 30 mins! Follow @dealsplus and RT this & a deal or coupon

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