Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 08-02-2010

  • 11:11:40: fucking itouch doesn't want to let multitasking apps work. rawr.
  • 11:27:16: gnight little weirdos.
  • 17:30:06: I keep forgetting that I jailbroke my itouch and every time I turn it on I'm surprised by my beautiful Milo background lolol.
  • 17:34:51: omg I totally thought today was Tuesday. what the eff.
  • 17:38:25: uuugh my landlord called me about renewing my lease. this is the dreaded phone call. fml.
  • 18:06:00: ok take two of calling my family. ugh.
  • 18:10:10: yo screw the creepy sylar baptism, there's a hesam deleted scene!!!
  • 19:11:05: ok for realsies calling my parents now. lol
  • 21:12:50: it just hit me that it's august. he died aug 11th last year.
  • 21:42:14: thanks everyone. *major hugs* you guys get me through it all. <3
  • 22:21:44: OMG do we ever!! it was better than awesome! RT @NathanFillion: Hey, guys- remember Firefly? That was awesome.
  • 23:55:32: RT @dealsplus: Win #Apple Product in 20 mins. Just retweet this & follow @dealsplus to win.

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