Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 08-05-2010

  • 00:27:42: omg I want to go home.
  • 00:29:40: I'm getting old. it's too loud in here lol
  • 00:31:36: and this guy that's really annoying won't stop talking to my bff. he's so bored of this guy and no matter what I do, I can't save him lol
  • 00:34:14: it's time for drnk tweets @suckit_nerds
  • 00:36:25: omg now this guy is talking about meeting guys on craigslist lolol
  • 00:50:38: we're gonna play pool now. brb
  • 00:50:55: also, my battery is dying :(
  • 00:56:40: omg I just got hit with a dart lol
  • 02:30:29: oomg drnk.
  • 02:40:16: omg erik is letting me drive lololl. idont drive! haha
  • 02:42:25: i didnot intend to be out this late!
  • 03:19:34: all my life. i didnt knoow what i was missing! lolol
  • 03:32:03: i ran over a medium... lolol. flat tire.
  • 03:33:22: its only cause i didnt have my glassed tho! otherwise i didrly good!
  • 03:49:01: haha everyone needs to chill the fuck out. i wasnt driving in traffic. i was in an empty parking lot. get a grip.
  • 04:03:25: chill outtttt. suck a fuck!
  • 04:05:09: srsly, if you're gonna bitch at me, go find something more worthwhile to bitch at, because i don't care what you say. lol.
  • 13:08:43: ugh my internet is having issues again. why me?
  • 13:33:00: ok i'm here now.
  • 13:37:12: 96 emails? why is this happening to me?
  • 14:34:54: i have to clean today. i hate cleaning. but really, this place needs a cleaning anyway.
  • 15:04:09: RT @GateWorld: #SGU Season 1, #SGA Seasons 1-5, Ark of Truth, and Continuum are all on Netflix online viewing! (Free to subscribers) #SG ...
  • 15:05:06: omfg i can finally watch the end of SGA season 5!!!
  • 15:07:24: my show :( this is gonna make me so sad, i can feel it. #SGA
  • 15:11:33: lol why is everyone so annoyed by the who to follow thing? a) use tweetdeck, duh. b) it's a small thing on the side. just ignore it.
  • 15:14:17: now, if someone could bring me some food, my day would be complete.
  • 15:24:21: season 5 (watching Stargate Atlantis via @gomiso)
  • 15:24:21: I was just awarded the "TV Elite" badge on @gomiso
  • 16:22:08: okay, i washed the dishes. it's too hot in the other room to do anything else, though. ugh.
  • 16:26:03: if football was like that, i'd watch it all the time.
  • 16:35:27: why is everyone freaking out about things getting locked down and deleted? i'm so lost.
  • 16:38:29: look, i'm RPing as myself on this account, so if twitter doesn't like that, they can suck it. lol
  • 17:15:24: omg thunderrrrrr.
  • 18:37:18: twitterrrrr????
  • 18:38:13: OMG. LIFE IS GOOD AGAIN. #twitterwhore
  • 18:45:15: RT @GoCheeksGo: Finally! Twitter is working and I can post this MUST SEE:
  • 23:12:23: YESSSSS!
  • 23:53:14: Ahhhh!!! dragon con!! i'm one step closer to going! yay!

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