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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
From Twitter 08-06-2010 
7th-Aug-2010 03:06 am

  • 02:23:45: 69 degress. hehehe.
  • 02:30:05: Jackass 3 trailer!! ahhh!!! *loves* http://tinyurl.com/27nmehl
  • 05:32:51: gnight world. i have to function during normal hours tomorrow. DNW, but yay sister is visiting.
  • 12:03:43: morning kiddies. this is not my normal schedule. ouch. Sis is gonna be here in like 2 hrs. w00t.
  • 12:07:08: I still have to shower, take out the garbage and clean the floor. I can do this. lol
  • 12:14:23: my internet goes out every god damn day now. fucker.
  • 12:14:34: gives me a heart attack before i can reset it.
  • 12:40:08: fuck you, allergies. not today.
  • 13:21:52: omg how cute!! RT @NY_Comic_Con: Shark Week Cupkates - http://tinyurl.com/39ptgm2
  • 13:41:28: omg omg omg. the #lost epilogue! found it!
  • 13:45:48: hahaha i LOVE when #lost does things like this. "we deserve answers!" lmao.
  • 13:59:49: aaahhhhh!!!! #lost i love you. i love you lots.
  • 14:25:48: uuuugh my pants are too tight. i fucking hate wearing pants.
  • 14:30:04: I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR.
  • 14:32:57: and these pants have slight flares!! aaggghhh. i wish my skinny jeans didn't rip :(
  • 14:42:25: i'm gonna punch these allergies in the fucking face.
  • 14:58:07: i think i have too many firefox tabs open... startup is a bitch.
  • 14:59:41: but i love how every time i open firefox, the deleted scene of hesam and peter pops up.
  • 15:14:01: so the children's non drowsy allergy meds that i took are knocking me out, but i'm still stuffy and sneezing like crazy.... WHAT THE FUCK.
  • 15:15:30: yes, i'm going to complain about them all god damn day, until they go away.
  • 16:12:03: my sista is here!!! i'll be on and off.
  • 17:19:40: its raaaaining! yay. we're on our way to some stores toget stuff. lolvague. but i had noms so i'm good. yay sister.
  • 18:49:18: headed hoooome.
  • 18:55:06: the weather here is so dark and perfect right now.
  • 20:04:04: SHARK WEEEEEK.
  • 20:16:57: we're gonna watch The Hangover. finallyyyyy.
  • 20:20:05: bradley cooper <3 #thehangover
  • 21:18:37: agreed! RT @flyboypatrick: Felix Gaeta is one of the best-named characters in modern fiction.
  • 21:34:34: mimosas at 930pm. fuck yeah.
  • 22:12:43: finally watching this too. (watching Sherlock Holmes via @gomiso) http://miso.io/9unCKR

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