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Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 08-29-2010

  • 11:38:16: baby i like it.
  • 12:23:16: RT @dealsplus: Win an #Apple Product Today! Just retweet this & follow @dealsplus to win.
  • 12:28:17: this sun is not helping my motivation today.
  • 12:59:28: uuuugh uuugh fuck. ok i guess i'm gonna go out in this damn sun to get some bleach for my hair.
  • 13:14:41: oh my god, it's trying to murder me. why couldn't it be 60 degrees today?
  • 13:18:35: I'm at NFTA Metro Theater Station (Main St, btw Tupper St and Chippewa St, Buffalo).
  • 13:24:17: I don't have enough money for life. today it's food or hair dye. the hair dye will last longer so I'm going with that.
  • 13:28:25: I'm at CVS Pharmacy (432 Main Street, Court St, Buffalo).
  • 14:35:47: oh my god. my mom found a letter i wrote in high school. when i was -really- depressed. you can guess what kinda letter it was *facepalm*
  • 14:47:58: oh my god, i actually wrote something for the first time in like, a year. now i just have to figure out the ending. i hate endings.
  • 14:50:22: i think i start 80% of my tweets with omg or oh my god. lol
  • 14:52:19: my teef hurt.
  • 14:59:23: oh, lady barfgag, i'm going to refrain from running my mouth about you today.
  • 15:37:17: my dragon con outfit will be pink hair. i'm gonna rock that shit so hard.
  • 15:56:55: #Nowplaying - Kara Remembers - Bear Mccreary #bsg
  • 16:21:33: you know, i'm really mad about what they did with kara and anders in #bsg /random thought for the day.
  • 16:31:49: i wonder what my flash sideways would be.
  • 16:55:04: i start to get tired at 5pm after not sleeping at all last night. how fantastic.
  • 19:14:25: oh my god. cannot deal with life right now. i need to step away.
  • 20:06:39: live stream of the emmy's? anyone? i kinda wanna see #Lost win and i'm allergic to my TV right now.
  • 20:07:59: OH THIS SHIT IS ON NBC?? OH HALL NO.
  • 20:12:34: nice.
  • 20:20:57: we're on a horse!
  • 20:37:52: haha george clooney and modern family are love.
  • 20:38:49: AHHHH!!! JIM PARSONS!!! :D
  • 20:45:43: i saw nathan fillion. heee
  • 20:55:44: fuck The Event.
  • 20:56:26: god these new nbc shows are made of suck. im so glad im never watching nbc again.
  • 20:59:31: the good wife <3
  • 21:00:17: oMG LOST.
  • 21:04:18: omg michael emmerson better win. #lost
  • 21:04:31: FUUUUUUCK.
  • 21:06:45: B to the fuckin S!
  • 21:11:24: fuck yeah. i love her on the good wife!
  • 21:13:56: i might have to watch this breaking bad business.
  • 21:16:20: community <333
  • 21:22:30: REALLY? REALLY????
  • 21:26:39: LMAO
  • 21:33:44: ugh julianna was so completely robbed.
  • 21:35:44: FUCK my stream just died. anyone else have a live stream???
  • 21:36:47: HALP!
  • 21:38:20: JOEL MCHALE <333333333333333333
  • 21:42:06: these community commercials are awesome :D
  • 21:45:45: i'm laughing at how fail these new @nbc show promos are.
  • 21:59:52: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
  • 22:00:08: DOUG AND CAROL. HOLY FUCK.
  • 22:07:06: oh that dress. DNW so hard.
  • 22:25:18: jimmy fallon is awful.
  • 22:30:42: don't want to watch these fug people that are coming up next. i think the emmys and i are done.
  • 22:44:53: kay, so i'm gonna go watch some #heroes now.
  • 23:03:05: LMAO. srsly. ugh. RT @eserei27: Is it too early to give Mad Men their emmy for next year, too?

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