Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 08-31-2010

  • 01:33:13: i suppose i should start packing tomorrow.
  • 02:25:17: i almost forgot what the consistency of my hair is after i bleach it. lol
  • 06:28:38: pink is in mah hair. w00t.
  • 06:36:12: the dragon con schedule, as shitty as it's put together, is like, looking at a program guide to what my personal heaven would be if i died.*
  • 06:36:42: *if i would believe in such a sort of thing. But omg. geek heaven at it's finest. I'm never gonna want to leave. D:
  • 06:43:09: SO EXCITED TO SEE TIM SALE. :D
  • 07:01:43: omg there are actual science panels. i can't even deal with how awesome that is. #dragoncon
  • 08:45:52: ok i think i finally got my whole dragon con schedule worked out. phew.
  • 09:50:00: oh my god, i think i might finally sleep like the dead. and it's before noon!
  • 10:22:15: construction of course, right outside my window. i can't win.
  • 10:33:03: man, i really want tacos right now.
  • 10:58:41: omg finally done with my hair. it's pink like whoa. time for bed.
  • 19:04:19: holy shit that felt good.
  • 19:37:29: I'm hungry. I have chips. ugh.
  • 19:39:55: wow, my hair didn't turn my pillow pink. I'm really surprised. my whole life usually gets pink after a dye job.
  • 20:36:15: omg ray park canceled too? ugh. what is this. #dragoncon
  • 21:42:23: i should be packing, but erik wants me, so i have to go see him. :D
  • 21:50:53: i really don't feel like putting pants on.
  • 21:56:38: I have to get used to my pink hair again. wow.
  • 22:04:17: Pink!
  • 22:08:30: you can see how pink my hair is a lot more in this pic :D
  • 22:19:53: *stabs the new lj post to twitter thing*
  • 22:50:20: headed out. catch you kids later!
  • 23:08:20: om nom breakfast (@ Fugazi w/ 4 others)

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