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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
From Twitter 09-07-2010 
8th-Sep-2010 03:05 am

  • 05:03:22: no rest for the wicked. time to get ready to go to the airport. bittersweet,
  • 05:49:00: airport time. eek.
  • 06:01:31: at least it's still dark out! lol
  • 06:47:51: got through airport security. w00t.
  • 06:57:48: this airport is wack. i need hiro
  • 07:07:39: i think i like traveling at this time. sun is barely coming up yet.
  • 07:21:18: i think i have enough money for breakfast noms. yay
  • 07:33:50: i have decided that i dont like southern food. everything drowning in 5 tons of gravy does not agree with my mouth.
  • 07:47:03: omg i got a frosty. i havent had one in like 7 yrs.
  • 07:55:42: when i get home, i'm gonna marathon #bsg. i've been dyin to do it all weekend. #bsg panels were epic.
  • 08:00:56: haha my mom is like, ur up early. i'm like no, i'm up this early every single day. haven't gone to bed yet lol
  • 08:27:16: boarded plane. next stop buffalo
  • 10:45:15: landed in buffalo!
  • 10:48:09: it's weird being back here with regular people. everyone should just wear scifi costumes all the time. i miss my fellow geeks.
  • 11:09:24: have to buy chocolate so i can get change. what a tragedy lol
  • 11:20:17: omfg as soon as i step foot outside my allergies attack. fu buffalo.
  • 11:26:23: buffalo sucks. there's no adrian here. the post con depression is setting in.
  • 12:01:19: home!!! (@ Csilla Poo) http://4sq.com/a3K4b9
  • 12:05:46: *CLINGS TO MY INTERNET*
  • 12:09:22: RT @daily_dragon: RT @DragonConTV: Say hi to @bobandcarl ... they'be tweeting as they clean up the mess you left at @dragon_con #dragonc ...
  • 12:10:03: RT @daily_dragon: RT @DragonConTV: New at DCTV: The Post-Con Blues http://bit.ly/dnwNAj #dragoncon
  • 12:22:48: 183 emails. DNW.
  • 12:25:25: man, i should be trying to get some sleep right now, but i can't. meh.
  • 12:32:50: Do you think you would want to know if your wife or girlfriend or husband or boyfriend were c… — of course i would. http://4ms.me/bOU7zx
  • 13:14:41: i need my cupckae pajama pants that my sister got meeee.
  • 13:19:30: RT @eserei27: Sometimes it hits me how much I miss my show. It really hurts. #heroes
  • 20:02:12: back in the land of the living. and i woke up to a thunder storm!! fuck yeah.
  • 20:39:40: i could use a food court right now... lol
  • 21:29:12: another pic of adrian pasdar at con. #dragoncon http://twitpic.com/2ma2ju
  • 21:30:28: adrian and sendhil #dragoncon http://twitpic.com/2ma2xa

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Felix- to the left
8th-Sep-2010 09:52 am (UTC)
Glad you had such a good time at DragonCon! I'm jealous of all the celebrities you got to see. :)
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