Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 09-10-2010

  • 06:12:46: i don't even think i'm gonna bother picking up any new shows this year. they all look sucky.
  • 07:01:11: i mgiht do #ff today. it's been so long.
  • 08:50:30: omg even the itunes icon is different now. i don't like change!
  • 10:38:12: i know i shouldn't look at that ontd heroes post, but i cant help myself.
  • 11:16:12: RT @adamlevine: The mosque situation in the US has been blown so far out of proportion and is doing nothing but breeding hatred. STOP.
  • 12:05:55: word. RT @40shadesofgrey: RT @GregLaswell: Fall in New York SUCKS. Oh wait, this just in: No it doesn't.
  • 12:11:51: good grief.
  • 12:16:51: RT @FutureBoyScout: Can I just say that today is #lovethyRPfriends day? Let's hug it out!
  • 12:45:50: holy fuck, time for bed. lol. thank goodness too.
  • 16:09:56: good afternoon kiddies. dunno how I'm up, but here I am lol
  • 16:19:17: holy migraine. nnrrgghh.
  • 18:19:25: I need to make a gif out of my pics. the boys are both so pretty.
  • 20:22:17: MY PIC WITH SENDHIL!!! *squees*
  • 20:28:19: i need an animated gif with these pics. i can't decide lol

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