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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
From Twitter 09-17-2010 
18th-Sep-2010 03:06 am

  • 03:17:33: lmao kristen bell.
  • 08:15:36: must. call. my. parents. today. nycc is happening. i must alerts them. lol
  • 09:22:39: omg i might do #FF today.... it's been foreverrrr
  • 09:47:27: Really quick #FF today, then, cause I follow too many people and yadda yadda. so there's a system to this. or something. maybe not. lol
  • 09:50:17: #FF my besties <3 @suckit_nerds @Silverjedi331 @tehAlz @Calumfan1 @flying_monkees @eserei27 @JLeeMoffatt @icalynn @xgoddesswillowx
  • 09:55:09: #FF <3 @beckyb731 @Selestina118 @Beshter @kittenspawn @tammalee @oshunanat @sarena2s @jhummrich @ilaam @Kent_Stark @musemorgan @CrazyEmmy25
  • 09:57:28: #FF <3 @ialwayswill @jenthefangirl @gossy16 @KiyoMichan @Giddy4Gideon @MrJimProfit @xnursexnaughtyx @dref22 @fanboytristan @electricvixen
  • 09:59:49: My RP #FF will be at my RP accounts.
  • 10:23:25: haha why am i debating star wars at 1030 am when i havent even slept yet. idec. lol
  • 12:38:14: holy fuck, why am i still awake? peace out!
  • 12:59:44: haha what is wrong with me? going to sleeps for realsies!
  • 17:00:56: brrr i love this weather.
  • 18:27:10: ugh people that try too hard. give it a rest.
  • 18:50:22: RT @CrazyEmmy25: I refuse to watch any of these new #NBC shows -.-
  • 19:14:28: ahahah i love NPH <3 http://twitpic.com/2pek82
  • 20:35:58: haha i'm just gonna supply everyone with gay porn today.
  • 20:59:54: sassy gay friend http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQhkzYVlLl8
  • 21:11:30: not even joel mchale can make me watch leno.
  • 21:15:46: you guys, this is awesome haha. NSFW http://tinyurl.com/37xxdzl
  • 22:04:07: calling the parentals to let them know I'm coming home in october. lol
  • 22:22:35: omg allergies!!! go AWAY!!!
  • 22:29:29: Madonna's daughter is going to my old high school. haha
  • 22:54:13: haha my dad is so weird. idek
  • 23:31:25: god i love jetblue. dont have to pay for stupid luggage.

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