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gay pride weekend baby!

i had a long argument/discussion with andrea and josh yesterday... did not go well. So they are finally together. a couple. boyfriend and girlfriend. and i am just csilla, the third wheel. I cried so hard and so long last night and when i thouht there werent any more tears in me, i cried some more. so thats the end of everything we had. because things will never be the same again. i lost a part of them eachother. and there is a part of their relationship that i can never share. and it was supposed to be the three of friend forever. i guess i put too much of myself into people. i should really learn my lesson with that. but i cant help it. i cant live my entire life not getting close to people cause i know i will be screwed in the end...

so today we were gonna go to the MOMA with my mom and Annie but i decided i didnt want to go cause i was too sad and tired. Vito wants to go to the Dyke parade so i might go with him to that. Later on My mom annie vito and i are gonna get pizza and go see some special fireworks by the river. my mom said there is gonna be a really cool firework in the shape of a rainbow. go pride weekend! tomorrow we are gonna go to the gay pride parade and maybe pridefest and the dance. this is the weekend for us to shine. i really should get more involved in the bi community but its hard when i have so many other things on my mind.

anyway, other then that whole fiasco, stuff is going pretty well. we actually slept together in my bed for a whole entire night. we havnt done that in a while and it felt really nice. i would almost prefer that to anything.

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