Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 09-26-2010

  • 16:43:48: bagpipes outside? sunday at 4:45? is there something going on downtown that i don't know about? lol #buffalo
  • 16:49:51: haha there is a guy just randomly walking down the street in a kilt playing the bagpipe. oh, buffalo.
  • 16:52:01: now he's walking back up the block....
  • 17:09:48: hair dying time. back in a bit.
  • 17:32:09: i didn't use a hair clip and now my back is all pink. awesome! lol
  • 17:36:30: haha these misleading articles: Sylar is pissed there wont be a Heroes movie. uh no.... he most certainly is not.
  • 17:46:25: argh this vid better save properly this time.
  • 17:47:21: lol. just lol.
  • 17:56:36: man, am i glad i don't live in california.
  • 18:03:36: bagpipes guy started up again. srsly, what is this. lol.
  • 18:16:47: yaaay cat is taking me out to dinner for my bday. on nom.
  • 18:17:06: but now to wash the pink out of my hair. back in a bit.
  • 18:34:06: disgusting. these people should be ashamed of themselves, not their son.
  • 19:34:26: early bday dinner at salsaritas and backyard party at cat's. i guess i might actually be excited hehe.
  • 19:35:54: I've just snapped a new picture:
  • 19:43:02: i can never find socks. this is ridic. lol
  • 19:49:53: ... hopefully i wont be kidnapped all night. bye my loves.
  • 20:01:38: burrito time! (@ Salsarita's Fresh Cantina)
  • 20:58:14: decided to go elswhere to eat. noms!
  • 21:12:47: 2 for 1 mojito. nom
  • 21:37:24: omg cat got apple cider. i've been dyyyying for some all week! vodka cider wooo
  • 21:40:28: whipped cream vodka! :O
  • 21:59:33: you know the night is gonna get crazy when ur using a mini goldschlager bottle to stir
  • 22:13:12: me and cat. i have my bday tiara on!
  • 22:31:05: omg these kids are kinda obnoxios... i hate new people that suck

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