Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 10-01-2010

  • 01:46:01: RT @Calumfan1: So True RT @SophiaBush: If someone treats you hatefully it's b/c you shine so bright that you make them hate themselves. ...
  • 09:22:23: October 1st. Thriller is back on the playlist. fuck yeah.
  • 09:29:15: i ain't fraid of no ghosts!
  • 10:46:07: RT @grahamtracey: After hearing about the 5 suicides over 3 weeks due to gay-bullying, 50 Cent tells gays to kill themselves: http://bit ...
  • 10:51:09: ugh i really need to do laundry before i go to nyc. preferably not on the weekend.
  • 11:08:21: Listening to Erasure. ahahaha. they were one of vito's favorites <3
  • 11:40:47: motherfuck, i'm hungry. bah.
  • 12:18:47: holy fuck. time for sleep. lawl.
  • 18:05:45: Brrrrr
  • 18:09:45: zq just made me tear up. didn't think I could love him more than I already do. fuck yeah.
  • 18:24:18: is there anything going on in #NYC for coming out week?
  • 18:29:44: I have chains of love by erasure stuck in my head. haha
  • 18:40:24: I need my daily cupcake!
  • 18:46:52: uuugh i am not changing my calendar from nathan. lol.
  • 18:51:07: i need an apple scented candle.
  • 18:55:33: i wonder if some people get bored of talking about the same thing every single day. bleh.
  • 19:12:12: cream cheese frosting is the best in the world.
  • 19:14:19: omg these peanut butter bars look amazels.
  • 19:14:35: haha sorry, i'm looking at that food porn site again.
  • 22:46:48: brown sugar coconut bubble tea. get in my mouth.

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