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*girls just wanna have fun!*

getting ready for the parade...

we still have a little shopping to do for Vito. Hes in the bathroom shaving now. i kinda wanna go get a pink or red wig but this is important to him so i'll just let it go. Annie is coming along as well, which he doesnt feel comfotabe with, but theres not much i can do about it now.

i had a nice time with her yesterday. i havnt hung out with her like that for a long time.

tomorow i might go to new jersey...without Vito. He was actually sad about it...i thought he would be happy that he could have a week of alone time. If my grandma says its ok then he might come wednesday for July 4th and then i'll wait and go with him. Id much rather do that...but i dont know if he wants to go. i do know that it would be very good for him.

so today should be an experience. i hope its a good one...

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