Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 10-04-2010

  • 02:54:18: what can i put on pasta when i don't really have anything else? lol
  • 02:55:28: omg i forgot to watch #community and #theoffice still. boo to me.
  • 04:55:47: oh my god, why am i hungry again?
  • 05:14:05: pop and locktoberfest lolol #Community
  • 05:17:31: god, this show gets better and better #community
  • 07:02:18: i miss heroes :(
  • 08:14:00: hopefully i'll get laundry done today. i need to wash the things i'm gonna take to nyc. shiiiit.
  • 09:00:40: ugh i have to figure out this shitty #nycc schedule in the next couple days.
  • 09:22:14: I am following @SpoilerTV to win a Caprica Season 1 DVD and T-Shirt! Details Here:
  • 09:53:23: aargh i can't find my milo postcards and helix decal. i have so much heroes stuff omfg. lol
  • 09:53:31: and you know, i need more. haha.
  • 10:00:09: omg this pic i took of adrian last november <3
  • 10:31:40: i suppose i could do my laundry now. yep.
  • 10:42:08: twitter, you douchebag.
  • 10:45:44: i need to stop following dunking donuts's twitter. i'm so hungry now. argh.
  • 11:32:14: omfg i hate how putting my laundry together gives me the worst allergies. the fuck.
  • 12:02:50: omg ok laundry. doing it now.
  • 12:41:29: ommgggod i need my heroes hoodie that's in the washing machine right now. gah.
  • 12:49:52: someone bring me dunkin donuts or something. come on.
  • 12:55:55: already sick of my pink hair. lol. maybe purple next?
  • 13:54:34: unffff just put my heroes hoodie on straight from the dryer. best feeling in the woooorld.
  • 13:54:54: also, my adrian pasdar movie came in the mail. w00t bday present.
  • 14:00:56: this rain today is amazels. i want this every day, except thursday when i fly. lol
  • 15:55:30: mother fuuuuck. my internet.
  • 18:57:11: omg i fell asleep. finally haha. now im back.
  • 18:58:24: holy motherfuck i have a headache now.
  • 20:42:37: apparently etsy is on crack and has detected that i live in france... o.o wat.
  • 22:00:11: hahaha audrina on DWTS??? jfc. margaret cho? the situation?!?! what a joke.
  • 22:02:46: my new bff show. #Castle
  • 22:27:15: lawl #Castle. i love this show so much.
  • 23:37:42: Fuck yeah!! Top Cow's Artifacts Race Shows No Rest at #NYCC 2010 -

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