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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
From Twitter 10-07-2010 
8th-Oct-2010 03:04 am

  • 01:59:13: this purple is more black, but it still looks awesome.
  • 02:48:45: OK. PACKING STARTS NOW.
  • 02:53:48: did i really just get an email that says: columbus discovered america, you can discover great savings.
  • 03:10:35: ok here's the thing. i've come to realize that i cannot dislike lady gaga for who she is even though she annoys me, because she doesn't --
  • 03:10:59: really annoy me all that much anymore. I mean, how can she? she's such a huge advocate for lgbt rights and that's like, my main thing. so --
  • 03:11:37: i have to give her major props for that. also, her music is constantly playing where i go, because she's all they play in gay bars lol. I --
  • 03:12:22: still dont like beyonce, though. that's where i draw the line. so that's my gaga declaration. i will no longer call her barfgag. the end.
  • 03:26:07: ok packing for realsies. lol
  • 04:15:08: OVERPACKED. UGH.
  • 04:26:51: i should go to bed in half an hour...
  • 04:52:16: i can't find my red glitterrrrr DDDDD:
  • 05:56:40: my plane leaves around my bed time. this is just... well, ridiculous. lol
  • 06:51:25: it's so cold rn. my feet are brrr.
  • 08:07:10: omg james franco is gonna be at #nycc. loooooves!
  • 08:34:59: omg i'm srsly catching a cold right now. uuuugh.
  • 09:10:41: leaving for my flight to nyc in an hour! w00t!
  • 09:23:51: haha my neck is SO PURPLE. lawl.
  • 09:46:03: I've just snapped a new picture: http://dailybooth.com/u/5cfh1
  • 09:47:43: its been raining for like 2 weeks straight and i've LOVED it, but the day i have to travel it's not raining. this is happy! :D
  • 10:06:16: alright kiddies, i'm off to the airport. catch you later!! <3
  • 10:20:39: lady gaga is still stuck in mah head lol
  • 10:53:12: daaayum, airports busy today.
  • 11:12:59: it's hot in here raaawr. (@ Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF) ✈ w/ 4 others) http://4sq.com/1wQq8K
  • 12:22:20: arrgggh allergies, making me take a pill that's gonna knock me out even harder since i didn't sleep last night. grrr.
  • 12:35:01: i just had to sit through a christmas song that was on my ipod cause i was in the bathroom lolol
  • 14:25:04: landed in nyc! this is the coldest flight i've ever been on. i feel like we flew through the antarctic w/the windows open lol
  • 14:26:23: i'm gonna get sick just in time for milo day. i can feel it. DDD:
  • 16:01:08: welcome to the land of the beautiful people. #nyc
  • 16:22:33: i always forget just how insane my dad is. then i spend 5 mins with him and it smacks me in the face lol
  • 17:14:49: oh good. the csilla fails at life talk. i love this part of being at home.
  • 17:51:49: this purple. i cant even rn. i'm turning my parents apt. purple. they're gonnna kill meeee.
  • 18:11:22: omg i'm soooo tired. i hate that i can't sleep, especially before traveling. i can't even crash right now.
  • 18:29:17: waiting for my bb @suckit_nerds to get here!!!
  • 19:03:42: omfg one of my fav stores opened up across the st. from my parents place. uuungh and its got a halloween costume suprstore!
  • 19:47:25: with @suckit_nerds!! (@ the house of crazy) http://4sq.com/dsaZYh
  • 21:36:03: peter petrelli riding a cupcake http://twitpic.com/2vjohw
  • 22:08:17: going to times square to play on the toys r us ferris wheel. haha
  • 22:53:42: ugh my itouch is completely spazzing out on me. i might have to restore it D:
  • 22:56:24: I'm at Times Square (1560 Broadway, btn 42nd & 47th St, New York) w/ 5 others. http://4sq.com/10sc1s
  • 23:29:30: peter petrelli in times square. yatta! http://twitpic.com/2vkk67
  • 23:47:59: the peters found a big thing of hersheys syrup! http://twitpic.com/2vkpg4
  • 23:49:31: peter petrelli is just attacking this thing! haha http://twitpic.com/2vkpzq
  • 23:49:44: the peters found a big thing of hersheys syrup! http://twitpic.com/2vkq1x
  • 23:55:40: haha omg we just walked by cory feldman.

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