Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 10-12-2010

  • 12:26:28: off to a dentist appointment. nervous but happy to finally fix this pain in my mouth.
  • 12:49:09: ugh dnw to walk anymore. my legs are on strike. there should be a bus to cross the street haha
  • 13:08:47: oouuccchhhh.
  • 13:46:40: dentist appointment was a disaster, as expected. i'm so screwed. ugh. fml.
  • 13:58:18: i'm so depressed right now. i can't even.
  • 14:13:02: and now my tooth is killing meeeee. great. all i can take is tylenol. really, i love this.
  • 14:46:46: RT @HRC: Candidate for NY Gov. Carl #Paladino says gays will 'brainwash' children. Tell him to apologize for hateful remarks: http://bit ...
  • 15:05:40: NY Gov. candidate Carl #Paladino says gays will 'brainwash' children. Tell him to apologize for hateful remarks: @HRC
  • 15:07:12: now my dad wont shut up about me being on my laptop. he thinks because i'm in pain, the computer is going to make it worse.... RIGHT. LOGIC.
  • 15:32:44: RT @HRC: HRCBackStory: HRC Launches Action Alert Calling for Apology from Carl Paladino
  • 15:40:28: oh GOOD!!! the antibiotics for my tooth may cause a severe, sometimes fatal intestinal condition, weeks or month after treatment. OH GOODIE.
  • 16:05:40: RT @wegiveadamn: BREAKING: Federal Judge Orders "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Injunction:
  • 16:37:10: RT @FreedomToServe: BREAKING: SLDN Legal Statement on U.S. District Court Order to Suspend Investigations, Discharges Under #DADT: http: ...
  • 17:06:14: RT @AdamoRuggiero: a message to my gays. come join my party of love and acceptance. we await you. xo ...

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