Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 10-15-2010

  • 06:50:27: RT @NOH8Campaign: #AllyWeek is next week in schools across the country. Learn more at RT via @GLSEN #NOH8 #LGBT
  • 10:49:35: power nap time!
  • 15:21:27: party later. feeling kinda meh rn.
  • 15:27:32: omg i just found an entire collection of buffy traading cards that i had. i wonder how much these go for.
  • 15:32:18: grr i need those card covers for my heroes cards but i dont wanna take the buffy cards out lol
  • 15:46:36: ugh yahoo is being a bitch rn. what do you mean too many failed logins???? rawr.
  • 15:51:07: omfg i dropped my itouch behind my bed. theres no way im gonna get it out!
  • 15:56:19: FUUUUUUUUCK
  • 15:58:31: i just had to invent some stick/tape/ruler device from the stone ages! GOT IT!!! fuck yeah!
  • 16:01:21: now its malfunctioning though. oh my life.
  • 16:04:28: i hate when people give me obvious answers. just don't. lol
  • 16:36:37: off to get ready for my BFF @willowwaxdolls bday party!! wooot.
  • 17:47:31: my dad just made the most amazing curry rice. holy frak it's good.
  • 18:08:50: peter is pouting cause i told him i'm going to a grown up party n he cant come
  • 18:13:55: off to brooklyn (ugh) to party! catch you kids later!
  • 18:54:12: i love how the people in the upper east side of manhattan look at me. loler.
  • 19:24:16: argh brooklyn. i enter u reluctantly. haha that sounded dirty.
  • 20:09:19: party time! happy bday Annie! (@ 81st 19th ave)
  • 22:29:45: jello shots!

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