Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 10-17-2010

  • 00:07:50: god, katy perry is so bad. she needs to just stop.
  • 02:49:18: RT @NOH8Campaign: OCT 20th is Spirit Day Wear Purple to Honor Tyler Clementi, Asher Brown, & #LGBT Youth who have committed suicide: htt ...
  • 10:01:03: gnight world.
  • 13:20:05: yay my mom made pancakes!
  • 13:27:17: man, 2 hrs of sleep. today is gonna suck. I just know my mom is gonna go on her "let's go for a walk" kicks again. it's way too sunny.
  • 13:43:05: hmm I could use more food than that. more coffee, too.
  • 13:45:41: I wanna watch iron man 2 today.
  • 13:50:28: I'm gonna try and spend some more time with my fam today. be back later.
  • 14:13:11: so the fam complains about me being on my laptop. i put the laptop away to spend time with them... and they are all on their laptops, ig ...
  • 14:14:55: ... ignoring me and doing their own thing. the fuck.
  • 14:17:14: oh well, i'm bustin out the laptop then. lol
  • 16:30:46: my dad always finds the most ridiculous movies to watch. idek.
  • 18:04:13: I am watching Pretty Ugly People #PrettyUglyPeople
  • 20:40:44: i should go see ZQ again tonight. lol
  • 22:52:58: fuck, these antibiotics are killing me D:
  • 23:47:28: ugh god, I'm so done with my parents. they just need to stop.

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