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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
From Twitter 10-22-2010 
23rd-Oct-2010 03:04 am

  • 00:17:00: I'm at Three of Cups (83 First Avenue, at 5th St, New York) w/ 4 others. http://4sq.com/34INQG
  • 00:48:03: nyc. i should just move back here.
  • 01:00:57: this. bar. bathroom. holy. shit.
  • 01:44:33: the music at this bar. omg ugh
  • 02:11:26: the dj. has a mac. yes. http://twitpic.com/2zp913
  • 02:26:58: ok my tooth hurts now. but i've been drikn. but it hurts. meh.
  • 02:35:13: its 230am and im done drinking. thats how u know im super tired. lol
  • 02:59:06: fuck i need food. then i need to go hooooome.
  • 03:26:00: waiting for da bus. lawl.
  • 03:51:16: omg i'm finally on the god damn bus to home.
  • 04:46:16: ugh my mom does not have proper makeup remover for glitter. this is problematic.
  • 05:01:58: ugh i took a painkiller for my tooth pain and it's making me feel sick :(
  • 09:59:00: RT @gay_rights: President Obama Tells LGBT Youth: "It Gets Better" http://bit.ly/9YZgnU
  • 11:04:51: aaaaah sleeeeep
  • 13:12:42: nrrrgghh
  • 14:44:55: i had a dream that i got a droid. this is what my dreams consist of.
  • 14:47:59: cheetos for breakfast. fuck yeah.
  • 14:50:04: in other news, i'm hung over. woopdeedoo.
  • 15:26:12: haha i just remembered i got lunchables last night. pretty yummy, ngl.
  • 15:54:23: i should have slept more since my dad went out. ugh.
  • 16:02:55: i hate when they turn the heat on in this apartment. it's like 34523 million degrees in here. i like my cold, thank you very much.
  • 16:12:37: I need to go get candy corn today. stat.
  • 16:19:56: omg it's like night and day without my parents here. the peace and quiet is amazing.
  • 17:04:55: FUCK YEAH! RT @SpoilerTV: Syfy Orders New Battlestar Galactica - Blood and Chrome http://goo.gl/fb/dxGSv #pilotshows
  • 17:39:36: finally catching up! #VampireDiaries (via @GetGlue) http://bit.ly/do9XtC
  • 18:46:46: yay battlestar is trending.
  • 18:50:35: omg i want to go to this battlestar galactica exhibit sooooo baaaaad!!!! http://tinyurl.com/29llseq #bsg
  • 18:51:52: i hope the new #bsg series is made of win and not like craprica.
  • 21:40:01: RT @fanboytristan: Everyone needs to watch CSI this week. Let CBS know that Katee Sackhoff will earn them more viewers than Justin Bieber.
  • 22:06:20: AAAARGGGHHHH.
  • 22:06:41: YAY!! FINALLY!! RT @NOH8Campaign: Florida ends ban on gay, lesbian adoptions! http://tinyurl.com/32tc79r via @CNN #NOH8 #LGBT
  • 22:07:06: haha wow, those were very differing emotions one after another lol
  • 22:32:47: i dont understand velveeta used for dipping. the top hardens so quickly. the fuck.
  • 22:33:23: this is what happens when my parents leave for the weekend. lol
  • 22:49:58: RT @Syfy: Full size viper from the Battlestar exhibit #bsgseattle http://twitpic.com/2zyb25
  • 23:22:08: i'm using my dad's frosted cup cause he's not here to tell me not to. i swear this place is regressing me to a 16 yr old. DDD:
  • 23:23:04: haha i love how richard hatch goes to every single #bsg event in the history of #bsg events. he's such an attention whore. i love it. lawl.

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