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so i went to my friends room at 1am yesterday cause i was having a really shitty and depressed night, cause i knew she had shit to drink. by 5am I was crazy drunk, trying to go in the lake and shit. and i dont even remember the rest. Today I thought i was gonna die. I woke up and i felt like the biggest shit ever. I threw up ALL freakin day. and my stomach still hurts. That was the worst experience ever. all i did all day was download Nirvana stuff. I couldnt even go to class. Then after barfing so many times, i was feeling better at around nighttime and i was crazy thirsty. i must have drank 2 bottles of snapple, a cup of mountain dew and 3 bottles of water. all that dehydration! I tried to watch all this cool shit on VH1 today but i was so busy getting sick that i missed half of it. I am never drinking again...yeah right. :/

"What do you expect after 45 shots?!" - Brandin

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