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whats love got to do with it?

so i am back at my parents house for the second time today...after Vito told me he wants to spend a couple days alone. fine with me. its not like i dont get this all the time from everyone i know. in the end i am always alone i guess...even when he says he loves me.

on my way home i was crying really hard, and this guy passed by me with flowers. he stopped and he said "these are for you" and he handed me the flowers. then he smiled, said goodnight and turned and left. i said thank you this was just what i needed. i didnt even know what to say really. i was just so upset and then shocked by this gesture. then i just stopped crying. i couldnt believe how totally sweet it was. it totally cheered me up. a stranger that i had never seen in my life gave me flowers. suddenly i started to wonder about things...

so here i am, alone, for a couple days. i might go to new jersey, i might not. i might just stay here by myself, or i might go to nj alone.

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