Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 10-27-2010

  • 04:18:27: raaaaaain finally.
  • 06:58:18: its so hot in my bedroom. mother fuck.
  • 09:41:07: sleeeeeeps.
  • 09:50:03: 75 degrees today? are you kidding me? god, it's like end of the world weather. ugh.
  • 10:01:32: oh goooood, the migraine is already starting. i love going to bed with one and waking up with one.
  • 10:25:21: ok heading to bed for realsies. once again, see you in 3 hrs lol.
  • 13:47:03: not in the mood for today.
  • 14:06:55: if my head would stop hurting anytime soon that would be great.
  • 14:17:16: I really need a cupcake today.
  • 14:22:33: this weather is unbelievable. I need a freaking AC right now it's so hot. srsly, this is end of the world weather everywhere.
  • 14:34:24: the @twitter app crashes on me every day. not cool.
  • 14:38:15: I should shower. meh. should being the key word.
  • 15:10:19: haha we attempted to look at straight bars for happy hour.... um... no. back to our friendly local gay bars it is.
  • 15:49:08: omg. the trailer for angels in america. i am beside myself with excitement!
  • 16:05:40: i have no clothes! D:
  • 16:28:08: i'm gonna bitch about this warm weather till it goes away. i shouldn't be sweating in fucking october.
  • 17:03:03: happy hour downtown! catch you kids later!
  • 17:03:37: my love, @tehAlz, DM me when you get up <333
  • 17:14:29: there are not enough painkillers in the world for this headache. hopefully a drink or 2 will help.
  • 17:48:38: walkin around in a tshirt outside 4 days bfore halloween. disgusted.
  • 17:53:46: so glad i did my hair and it's a humid mess out here. #tranny
  • 18:56:17: nailpolish!!!! (@ Walgreens)
  • 19:07:10: i just stood in front of nailpolish for half an hour lol. had some time to kill while waiting for @willowwaxdoll
  • 19:15:21: neon donuts! haha
  • 19:22:27: finally at the bar. woo
  • 19:24:11: cheap drinks and wifi. what more could I ask for? lol (@ Nowhere)
  • 19:46:29: csilla on the map of vancouver: "maybe this is bronx. i've never been there." lol @willowwaxdoll
  • 20:14:42: RT @willowwaxdoll: We were just told to be 'classy' here at this bar! WHAT?! lol @darkelegance
  • 20:20:42: they're doing a halloween reading at the bar. told us all to be classy while they read, n not talk too loud. there better be some gay porn.
  • 20:30:22: this guy is wearing shorts. on oct 27th. what goes on? they're cut off shorts no less.
  • 20:32:15: gay guys reading short stories. my life is complete.
  • 20:56:07: they just told us to keep it down. at a bar. cause they're doing a reading. do this at a fucking public theatre or somethin. time to go.
  • 21:37:45: new bar! $2 beer (@ Continental Bar)
  • 22:01:44: i'm debating the $10 for 5 shots deal....
  • 22:43:40: ok man. I'm doin it. shots of jack.
  • 22:59:38: RT @willowwaxdoll: "I didn't have a double one, I had a one, one" ... @darkelegance...
  • 23:25:18: drunk mcdonalds trip!
  • 23:27:16: toooo many people on line!! i need more moneeey lol
  • 23:30:43: i'm wearing my helix necklace from @tehalz and it makes me feel all warm inside. hee
  • 23:33:11: omg we just want fries. wtf.

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