Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 10-28-2010

  • 00:42:27: im with @willowwaxdoll and @asdefgaheckel at continental!!
  • 01:36:17: headed home.
  • 01:39:51: i need food. uugh. dek what to get at this hour. might be lunchables again lol
  • 01:50:57: this store had no lunchables?! fuk this
  • 01:59:08: omfg all i want rn is some cheetos and a lunchable. why is this so hard?
  • 02:20:05: I'm at CVS/pharmacy (1396 2nd Ave, E 72nd St, New York).
  • 08:38:00: i wanna sleep for a really long time. that would make me happy.
  • 08:38:35: also, i want ice cold water but it's so far away
  • 10:58:52: aaaahhh gotta get up soon. time for sleeeeps. lol.
  • 14:07:24: off to see jackass 3D with my sister
  • 14:44:05: i'm still amazed by some of the things i see in nyc lol
  • 14:49:54: people with slow walking kids should walk to the fuckin side.
  • 15:21:55: omg this duane reade pharmacy has a whole makeup boutique and glitter collection. i cant even deal right now. *grabby hands*
  • 15:29:08: i dont have money for glitter and a movie! lol
  • 15:56:29: this halloween store is obnoxiously crowded. wow
  • 16:06:37: this line feels like we're at comic con again. haha
  • 16:27:55: my sister has brought me to a gem store. there are lots of rocks i think they just got at central park lol
  • 16:34:46: it says this gem can cure anemia. uh.... right. thats when i walk away. lol
  • 17:15:13: jackass 3D! i might barf! haha. phone on vibrate.
  • 19:21:20: wow that was awesome and gross. haha. i love jackass so much.
  • 20:30:14: almost home. yay
  • 20:37:14: haha there are signs on phone booths that say missing unicorn, then a # to call if you find it. lolol
  • 22:28:39: cristine rose! yay. #thementalist

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