Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 11-01-2010

  • 01:21:01: halloween karaeoke woo
  • 01:29:00: karaoke at planet rose. fuck yeah
  • 01:59:36: i'm out later than i thought. i should pro. go home soon.
  • 02:28:58: headed home. i rhink. lol
  • 02:37:33: i just wanna be hooome rn.
  • 02:50:36: waitin for the traain. these kids are talkin trek. heh
  • 03:30:56: i miss vito right now. he would have loves this.
  • 03:35:00: dayum its cold
  • 04:13:01: home. omg.
  • 14:55:21: RT @jhummrich: Comic con tickets aren't going back on sale in a week. They're announcing the new date in a week. I say you invest your $ ...
  • 15:19:40: ok. i think i am alive now. lol
  • 16:06:52: this bruise on my hip is epic. and my pinky is still kinda numb. haha
  • 17:01:20: i have to shower but i keep putting it off. lol
  • 17:22:24: my dad just called the kids in my mom's class "tiny little creeps" hahaha
  • 18:02:42: man, that shower was hard. I could barely move.
  • 18:11:21: ugh I just wanna go home.
  • 18:35:44: my mom got a pomegranate!
  • 19:46:12: christmas commercial. lawl.
  • 20:43:34: this rules of engagement show is pretty funny
  • 21:36:31: not looking forward to eliza dushku on tbbt. looks like she's gonna be dumb on it.
  • 22:01:39: yay #castle! :D so looking forward to this tonight.
  • 23:05:23: my dad just started a yelling fight with us cause we said the lady on tv had an annoying voice o.o idek whats going on rn. lol

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