Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 11-02-2010

  • 00:47:29: omg i want todays @teefury shirt so bad. *grabby hands* #lost
  • 06:20:27: ugh i wish i could vote today.
  • 07:13:07: god, my arm is so sore. ugh
  • 13:45:13: dentist today. very nervous. i hope the complications are something he can work around or i'm fucked.
  • 14:26:02: my pants are tight. ahhh home cooking. I'm sure once I go back to buffalo I'll lose it again lol
  • 14:27:59: happy birthday @idyllgirl !!! <333
  • 14:52:23: hiro where are you, i need you to skip me over this dentist appointment.
  • 15:33:28: the tooth was infected again. he had to pull it. motherfuck.
  • 15:36:10: and i have a zillion hour plane trip tomorrow. this is just perfect.
  • 15:52:07: i am so mad that i can't vote today. so mad. i'm tryina figure out if there's any way. ugh.
  • 16:15:19: workin on tags. today is eljay day.
  • 16:17:36: if i owe you a tag and i forgot, just poke me!
  • 16:27:00: i wish i had a smartphone.
  • 17:17:33: RT @NOH8Campaign: Stop the Suicides Help Put An End to Bullying in Schools. Sign the petition & TAKE ACTION! ...
  • 17:18:53: uuugh these pain meds are putting me to sleeeeep. no sleeeeep.
  • 18:09:29: ugh my wireless in the bedroom is being such an asshole right now.
  • 18:19:29: if paladino wins, i will flip a fucking shit. the anger will be epic. i don't even know what i'd do, man.
  • 20:20:31: omg nyc polls are closing in 40 mins. *bites fingernails*
  • 22:00:57: omg the republicans are taking back the house!??!? DDDDDDDDDD: *cries forever*
  • 22:04:52: RT @kkjordan: I swear this country suffers from battered wife syndrome. #elections
  • 23:02:34: don't want to pack. ugh.
  • 23:25:51: shut up paladino. you're an embarrassment to the human race.
  • 23:46:41: i have to get up in 5 hours and i haven't even started packing yet haha.

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