Captain of the Innuendo Squad. (brandinsbabe) wrote,
Captain of the Innuendo Squad.

From Twitter 11-05-2010

  • 00:12:49: food and beer. life is good again. haha
  • 01:06:11: i can't move my body parts rn. idk how i'm gonna get through tomorrow.
  • 01:44:50: headed back to our room. payin for some internet. hah.
  • 02:07:09: I'm at Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall (5111 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas).
  • 02:09:15: beeeer. (@ T.G.I. Friday's)
  • 02:16:53: I need more beer.
  • 10:36:09: sleeeeeeps.
  • 16:18:22: off to the csi experience at the mgm on the strip. we had to do something csi related in vegas haha
  • 16:41:17: man, i need my coffee.
  • 17:40:19: omg dying of heat. why u do is nevada?
  • 18:08:00: we missed the 3 oclock one. now we have to go at 4. hope i make my flight ok D:
  • 18:26:33: girls walkin around inside, in nothin but bikinis. fuck yeah.
  • 19:23:29: i got crime scene scotch tape! ;D
  • 19:45:19: headed back to the hotel. gotta pack up and gooo.
  • 19:47:38: nathan's hot dogs. so many jokes.
  • 20:02:06: i'm gonna sleep so well on the plane.
  • 21:01:04: I'm at Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall (5111 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas) w/ 2 others.
  • 21:19:44: i want a nap. good thing my flight is a million hours.
  • 21:30:52: ugh wait is 40 mins for dinner
  • 21:46:50: i hate how mexican places only have margarita specials. i hate margaritas
  • 22:21:04: sangria. nom.
  • 23:50:11: oMG AIRPORT TIME. BY VEGAS!!

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