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Operation this-will-most-likely-end-badly is a go!
a really hot geek
From Twitter 11-06-2010 
7th-Nov-2010 02:04 am

  • 01:01:30: homeward bound. (@ Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS) ✈ w/ 48 others) http://4sq.com/3VwSr0
  • 01:04:36: 4.99 for vitamin water? suck my dick, airport.
  • 01:22:18: haha they just paged Sasan to gate D37.
  • 02:21:25: goodnight my lovelies. boarding soon. see you at jfk, then in buffalo <3
  • 02:33:17: haha the people on this flight are so tired and rude. lol
  • 07:51:47: landed at jfk. w00t.
  • 07:52:50: huh we left early, but got here later than we were supposed to.
  • 08:07:47: next stop, buffalo! (@ John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) ✈ w/ 47 others) http://4sq.com/4sRHfO
  • 08:17:29: uuuugh its 35 degrees in buffalo. i'm wearing my hoodie. i'm gonna be freeeezing when i get there.
  • 08:18:23: it's weird being in nyc but not actually stopping here.
  • 08:19:24: there are these two kids running back and forth up the fucking isle. it's too damn early for this.
  • 08:25:00: someone smells like fucking tequila and is making me wanna barf.
  • 08:32:46: my gate still says going to cancun.... they said it was the right one, but it's makin me nervous. i do not want to go to cancun lol.
  • 08:59:32: headed to my gate. catch you all in buffalo!
  • 09:07:31: omg i'm sitting in 1A. wut is this? i'd totes die if i was on Lost!
  • 09:13:19: uuuugh there's no place to put stuff under the seat here, so i had to stick my bag on top. laaaame
  • 09:18:34: and there is a screaming kid right behind me. i rly wanna punch it in the face.
  • 09:26:09: oh lord, the people on this plane... lol
  • 11:18:22: oh good, the downtown shuttle doesn't run on saturday. i love being stuck at the airport.
  • 11:34:49: good thing i bought a heroes scarf.
  • 12:03:01: i keep fallin asleeep uhj
  • 12:25:27: gettin fooodz (@ Prima Pizza & Pasta) http://4sq.com/bpoyuR
  • 13:00:26: finally here. sheesh. (@ Csilla Poo) http://4sq.com/a3K4b9
  • 13:01:59: home! debating a nap.
  • 13:06:38: ok nap it is. see you in a few hours.
  • 17:55:50: it's so good to be back here and finally sleep.
  • 19:35:00: ahaha my mom just took a pic of Peter petrelli hanging out, since I left him there. I'm gonna have her take him to explore NYC some more.
  • 19:36:28: peter petrelli helping my mom make pumpkin soup! http://twitpic.com/34kccs
  • 19:44:37: RT @TheWatchmaker: It's a serious sign of geekdom when you can swear in the appropriate fake language - frelling, frak, go se.
  • 19:51:34: Man, I wanna marathon CSI now. Thanks a lot, Vegas.
  • 20:02:27: damn, I was gonna watch csi, but sga is on...
  • 20:04:39: man, i miss this show. I miss McKay and Shep being awesome together. #sga
  • 20:17:11: can't find spike on my tv. what the fuck.
  • 20:33:50: <3 #StargateAtlantis (via @GetGlue) http://bit.ly/a4gqMg
  • 21:43:46: this ep of #SGU is pretty decent, but the characters still mostly suck.
  • 21:46:41: meh. #StargateUniverse (via @GetGlue) http://is.gd/gNdjc
  • 21:56:37: wait........ THAT WAS THE END OF THAT EP? WHAT? WHAT? damn you, stupid show that i hate, for doing that! #SGU
  • 23:02:11: season one marathon on VH1 #Entourage (via @GetGlue) http://bit.ly/asT9NE

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