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pretend it never happened and maybe it will be ok...

i felt bad and lonely, and i really wanted to see him, so i came back around 7pm. i got here and he just told me that he didnt want to be bothered, so i went to bed. i slept for a while which was good cause i really needed it after these past few days.

when i woke up, vito woke up as well, and stuff was ok. it was like nothing happened, and everything was back to normal. i cant figure out if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but i am just gonna make it a good thing. We put together my shelf which was fun. i love doing things with him. he seemes to be in a much better mood. Now he is in the shower..he looks so beautiful.

tomorrow we are going to my grandmas house in NJ. i thought he might back out but so far so good. i know tomorrow when we have to wake up early he is gonna be cranky and i'll have to drag him out of the house. hehe.

no matter what i can always just seem to forget everything and love him so much. i look at him doing things he does everyday and it just turns me on so much. i love how he does everything...he has no idea. he cant imagine how people could still look at eachother like that this far into a relationship. i look at him like that everyday...

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